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Celestial Green Ventures Team

There is a multi-disciplinary team of experts who are appropriately skilled, with some key members being essential to on-the-ground implementation. The team are dedicated to natural forest conservation and sustainable community development in the Amazon region of Brazil.

The associated people work in conjunction with the stakeholders to deliver the team objectives. They demonstrate superior capability, understanding and knowledge of all aspects of nature-based projects, natural climate solutions and demand high levels of dedication to achieve outstanding results, including the achievement of carbon credit offsets for their successful projects.

The team is formed with the goal of developing and implementing REDD+ avoided deforestation projects. The purpose of Celestial Green Ventures is to enable the local people to contribute to all aspects of the project, to ensure the project is bringing benefits to the local people, and using their knowledge and expertise to prioritise project activities.

Celestial Green Ventures Mission

Celestial Green Ventures Mission:

Celestial Green Ventures REDD+ projects protect threatened forests, biodiversity and communities. The essence of the Celestial Green Ventures strategy is based on bringing forest protection to the forefront, ensuring that there are viable alternatives to destroying the environment.

We have the opportunity to be part of the solution to climate change and Celestial Green Ventures can contribute by providing long term solutions for forest, biodiversity and community protection.